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Do you believe in Democratic values?

1. Do you believe in strong public schools?

2. Do you believe in protections that keep our air, water, and land clean?

3. Do you believe in protections for workers that keep them safe and paid decently?

4. Do you believe in healthcare for all of us?

5. Do you believe in equality for all of us?

If you answered "yes" to all or most of these questions, then you share the same values as Democrats.

You don't have to agree with every position to be a Democrat!

Our Stances

A brief overview of some of our stances



  • Improve and keep Obamacare, but move toward Medicare for all (universal healthcare coverage)

Invest in Roads/Bridges/Infrastructure

  • Small increase in the gas tax to keep our roads and bridges from crumbling (more efficient cars has meant less gas tax revenue)

  • This also creates good-paying jobs for our residents

  • Our roads are 4th worst in the nation. In 2005, under Democrats, our roads were ranked 22nd best

  • Poor roads cost each WI driver over $600 a year! (tire wear, maintenance, accelerated deterioration)


  • Fully fund public schools (Republicans are currently underfunding them, hence the reason for all of the referendums)

  • No tax dollars for private schools that are accountable to no one

  • Better student loan interest rates, more grants, more state funding of colleges which would mean lower tuition

Factory Farms (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations--CAFOs)

  • Need much stricter protections in place than current state standards

  • Our county's groundwater is very susceptible to contamination

  • No factory farms should be built until the County Board can understand the full impact of them 

Workers' Rights

  • All workers have the right to unionize

  • Workers are treated fairly


  • A livable wage

  • At minimum, a minimum wage that increases with inflation ($8.77 would be the min. wage today if the last increase in 2007 increased with inflation)

Broadband to Rural Areas (high speed internet)

  • All homes in the county should have access to affordable, high-speed internet

Official Party Stances

No one is required to agree with every Party stance. This is the general vision for our state and country.

Candidates do not have to agree with every position.

State Democratic Platform

National Democratic (DNC) Platform  


National Democratic (DNC) Issues (at bottom of the DNC page)

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