2020 Elections


Fall Partisan Primary

This election will determine which candidates for State and Congressional offices will be on the November ballot.


Fall Election

We will elect our States Representatives, (Green County does not have a State Senate seat up this year).  We will elect our Congressional Representative, and President.





Get Involved!

There is so much that you can do to help make our state and country better, even if you don't want to talk to strangers! Click here to see how you can help.



Tips for Talking Politics

(Hint: You can't just bash Republicans)

Based on science, these ideas are ignored by most Democrats--yet are crucial to winning.





Who cares?

Have no idea what we're about or why you should care? See our FAQs

See the Democratic vision for our state and  for updates on legislative action


All of our state laws, district maps, and anything Legislature-related.

See how  you can get involved if you're 14-40. (You are also more- than-welcome at regular events!)

Watch national Democrats discuss issues and the direction of our Party.


Our office is now closed until 2020, but we are active all the time!


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