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Request your 2024 Absentee Ballots now!

Sign up to get every absentee ballot sent to you in 2024 year with just one request! (You can request for any or all elections)

Aug 13: Fall primary

Nov 5: Fall general

We are now offering a Hybrid Meeting option for those that cannot join us in person. Here is a link to the request to join by ZOOM

When you join, you automatically become a member of the Democratic Party of
Wisconsin and the 2 nd Congressional District represented by Mark Pocan.

Sign up as a Volunteer In Politics and help with things like voter registration, phone banking to get out the vote, canvassing, staffing our mobile and residential offices, and more.

A great way to support your local county party is to contribute. Your contribution helps us to promote and elect Democrats and Progressives to local, state, and federal offices.

Social Media


There is so much that you can do to help make our state and country better, even if you don't want to talk to strangers! Click below to see how you can help.



(Hint: You can't just bash Republicans)

Based on science, these ideas are ignored by most Democrats--yet are crucial to winning.


Have no idea what we're about or why you should care? See our FAQs

See the Democratic vision for our state and  for updates on legislative action


All of our state laws, district maps, and anything Legislature-related.

See how you can get involved if you're 14-40. (You are also more- than-welcome at regular events!)

Learn more about how youth in Wisconsin are getting involved in the Democratic Party.

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